Sunday, April 26, 2009

Squidoo Co-Brands & Front Doors: Part 3

Ok so “soon” turned into “quite a while”…sorry ‘bout that. I’ve been busy with my SquidAngel duties and Mom duties and our Internet wasn’t working up to par for a week. Enough excuses…on to the post. ;)

I’ve showed you the 7 most popular Squidoo Co-Brands. That’s not even half of what Squidoo has to offer us so far…and new ones pop up unexpectedly. You didn’t know there were so many did ya? Let’s look at 4 more.


SquidZipper started as a project for Realtors and was later opened up to everyone. I’m glad they were because they are really neat. The idea is to use these for sharing info about a certain location. I’m not sure how you find other people’s SquidZipper lenses, but they are easy to start…just enter a Zip Code and start building. Promotion is up to you though. I’ve got one on Burlington, Massachusetts 01803.


Sports aren’t my thing, so I haven’t really looked into SquidSports all that much. But it seems like a great idea for a sports enthusiast. Make a prediction about a team or player and fill the page up with relevant text, links and pictures. Get other fans involved too and see who agrees with you. Here’s an example of a well done SquidSports page: Detroit Red Wings will win it all again this year by lensmaster Bradshaw.


TWTTRSTRM is hashtag speak for Twitter Storm. If you are a lensmaster who also uses Twitter you might want to take advantage of this lens type. Ask your Twitter followers a question and by assigning a hashtag (keyword) to it their responses will automatically be posted both on your lens and on Twitter with one click. Choosing the right hashtag is key for this working well. My attempt was Where were you when President Obama was sworn into office? but my choice of #inaug09 brought up all kinds of unrelated Tweets.


It might be a little early to start thinking about Halloween, but if you want to have plenty of time to get your lens up, running, indexed, and with great backlinks you might want to check out SquidBoo
 sooner rather than later. I’ve got three, my favorite being Pumpkin Carving. SquidBoo is the only holiday themed front door so far.

Phew…there sure is a lot to cover. There are more Co-Brand blog posts to come!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Squidoo Co-Brands & Front Doors: Part 2

On Monday we looked at SquidWho, SquidFlix, and SquidVids lenses…3 of the 7 links that can be found at the bottom of our dashboards. Today I’ll cover the remaining 4. We’ll get to the hidden gems a bit later.

Hey Monkeybrain

Hey Monkeybrain! is “where smart people go to argue”. These can make really great interactive lenses. If you have an opinion on something tell the world, then let the world chime in. Some lensmasters go the serious route (I tend to), others get a bit more playful with their arguments. It’s up to you. If you can generate enough buzz the lens has potential to really take off. The top arguments are listed on the headquarters page…I assume it’s the top 100 but it’s not easy to navigate. Maybe that’s on the list of future improvements(?) But it can be fun scanning the page anyway. I’ve made 2 of these and my Smoking Debate has gotten people fired up! Great discussion to be had on both sides.

The Ever Project

The Ever Project, I think, is one of the coolest ideas for a front door Squidoo has had, but for some reason they just have not ranked well. You get to choose a descriptive URL without “squidoo” in it. Are you the coolest <fill in the blank> ever? could be your URL. There are currently 85 different words to begin your URL from artiest to zippiest (I have the full list if you are interested), then select any keyword of your choosing. The address is always followed by These lenses have gone through a major update to the template. I miss the old version, but the current one is nice and clean. Even having rank woes I still like this format and have made 4 of my own. My favorite is The Smallest Macs Ever.


SquidLit is your home for book review lenses. This template is sharp. The lens heading and module titles are bold and have a typewriter-esque feel to them. I have not made any myself, book reports were never my thing in school ;), but I do want to give you an example to look at. Seeing as though I recently saw the movie Coroline I was drawn to CDT’s review of the novella Coroline. I think they did a nice job. :)

And last for today is…


SquidBids is the “place for trusted eBay sellers to strut their stuff, showcase their auctions and stores, and get more traffic.” Well, I’m not really an eBay seller (I used to be!) so I haven’t given this lens type a try either. I might use it to feature a favorite eBay store in the future…just haven’t gotten a chance yet. If YOU are an eBay seller this is a great way to reach more people and interact with your buyers. Here’s a lens for you to get a feel for what you can do with SquidBids…it’s imajgin's Photography Showcase by lensmaster ImaGinny. The only thing I’d add to it is a guestbook. ;)

This concludes my introduction to the 7 most common Squidoo Co-Brands/Front Doors.

But wait! There’s more! A lot more. Check back soon for the next installment. :)

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