Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Squidoo Payday!

That usually leads to confused new Squids. ;)

Our earnings today are for the month of January 2009. Squidoo pays us two months after sales were made (and ads were clicked on). If you haven’t made any sales your very first payment might come three months after you started on Squidoo. This is because we are given our share of Ad revenue based on a tier system that uses a lens’ average lensrank for the month. Sometimes new lenses take a while to have an average high enough to reach the lowest tier. The last we heard the cutoff for that bottom tier is an ave. LR of 85,000.

You won’t see Ad revenue on your dashboards, it only shows up on payday. So if you are looking at a bunch of 0s you will still get a payment. Our dashboards show us our pending sales earnings.

If you did not reach your Cash Payout Threshold, unfortunately, you will not be able to see a breakdown of how much each of your lenses earned. Because of this I recommend setting your Threshold to $1. To do this go to your My Profile page and scroll down to Payment Settings. Click on Change next to Cash Payout Threshold. Select the amount and hit Save.

If you have reached your Threshold you can see your stats for each lens. On your dashboard click on Stats, and then the Royalties tab for each lens. You’ll see the Date, Type, and Amount of payment.

Once you see that blue box on your dashboard you know that your $ is on the way but don’t worry if you don’t see it in your PayPal account right away. Sometimes it gets deposited the next day.

If you haven’t seen it yet it looks like this:

There really is a lot to cover with regards to Squidoo Payouts, and I’ve discussed it further on my lens Squidoo Payday Questions & Answers.

One last link I’d like to show you is for your Payment Settings Manager. This makes it easy to double check your settings for each lens as well as your Paypal email address, Cash payment threshold, and Global default threshold.

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