Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How to Add Flickr Photos to a Lens

Back in the day we could add any ol’ image we found on Flickr to our lenses using the Flickr Photos module. Since the module links each thumbnail photo back to the original image and gives the owner credit it was meeting their terms of service. But, many Flickr users were unhappy with this and Squidoo & Flickr (I’m assuming they both worked together) came up with a solution that was acceptable the Flickr community. SO…where does that leave the Flickr module?

If you’d like to use an image from Flickr it must be Creative Commons-licensed AND ok to use commercially. (This requirement, unfortunately, also affects our own Flickr accounts.) It does whittle away at our choices dramatically, but it’s still worth a look.

The trick to finding images that will work in our module is to use Flickr’s Advanced Search.

You can do so through the direct link, or if you don’t have that handy, after starting a typical search you will be given the option to do an Advanced Search.

Scroll down the Advanced Search page until you see the creative commons section. Select both check boxes as you see below and click on search. All of the results you are given will be a-ok to use.

With that, now it’s time to move on to Squidoo. To find the Flickr module select:

Add Modules
.. All Modules
.. .. Flickr Photos

I always use Let Me Pick. That way you always know what is on your lens. You would be surprised what random tags and titles are given to some images. I’ve seen many pictures having nothing to do with lens content…you know those modules are set to Let Flickr Pick.

You can copy and paste the entire URL, then click Add Items. If you see them appear below that Add button you can be sure it worked. The module displays 6 images in a row, so it’s nice if you use multiples of six. It looks unfinished to me when one row isn’t full.

Some of the photos might bring text in with it. I think it looks cleaner if you delete that text.

If you’d like to reorder the pics you can, and once you are ready hit Save. You can always go back in later to rearrange, add or delete images. :)


  1. Great Blog and informative. Keep up the good work!

  2. A good start. I know from your experience with Squidoo that I'll be stopping in to see what insights you will publish. Thumbs up!

  3. So, to have flickr photos on squidoo I have to give the whole world permission to sell my pictures. Sorry, but WTF?

    That's ridiculous. I will never let anyone else sell my pictures.

    Goodbye Flickr module. Hello photo module.